Ways to Give

Generosity Statement 

We believe that we are created in the image of a loving, generous God who creates us to live in relationships of love and generosity.

We commit to living lives of generosity, welcoming, growing, and sharing in God’s grace, and using the abundance God provides to meet the needs of others.

We invite all disciples to experience the joy of fearless generosity, giving our time, talents and treasure so that each of us, our community, and the world might be transformed through the ministries of First Lutheran Church.

Give Online 

Click here to go directly to our online giving portal.

You have the option to make a one-time contribution or to set up recurring donations on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. For instructions on how to make changes to your online offering, click here.

Offering Plate or Mail

If you wish for your gift to be attributed to you and reflected on your annual giving statement, please make sure to place any cash gifts in an envelope that is clearly marked with your name. Giving envelopes are mailed to church members monthly and blank envelopes can be found in the worship center. Please ask an usher if you need assistance finding one.

If the gift is given with the intent to support a specific ministry, please make a note in the memo section. If you wish for your gift to go wherever the need is greatest, please leave the memo line blank.

Checks should be made payable to “First Lutheran Church, Ellicott City”

Please address any mailed envelopes to:

Attn: FLC Tellers
First Lutheran Evangelical Church
3604 Chatham Road
Ellicott City, Maryland, 21042


More Ways to Give

Thank you all for your continued support of God’s work in this community, the neighborhood, and the world.

Creation is an expression of God’s generous love – a world of opportunity and abundance.  God gives us everything we need (not want) and promises to care for us as we care for God’s creation.  Somehow, we humans have made it a world of scarcity and suffering.  This mindset of scarcity evolves not because of a lack of resources but through a perception that God can’t be trusted.  Maybe God is holding out on us – maybe there isn’t enough – maybe we need to take matters into our own hands.  This mindset justifies our impulse to take care of me and mine before anyone else, which leads to envy, anger, violence and a world where it seems there is not enough.

But God wants us to experience God’s generosity and abundance.  God wants to prove that our belief in scarcity is a lie.  So, God gives us the greatest gift of all – himself in Jesus.  Jesus lived his earthly life with the mindset that there is enough and that God can most certainly be trusted.  It’s a mindset of abundance that enables Jesus to live sacrificially and generously, calling his followers to trust God as he does.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ellicott City is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.