Serving Others

Using your time and talents is becoming a servant, modeled by Christ himself. It is also a great way to make friends, pick up fun skills, and glorify God.  Opportunities to get involved in welcoming, growing, and sharing in God’s grace can be found in various ways here, like serving during the week, on the weekend, from home, and through our ministries.

To learn how to get involved in any of these ministries please email

Serving Our Neighbors & Community

Blankets for Project Linus

Clothing and textile Donations for Project PLASE

Donations for Grassroots Day Resource Center

Howard County Food Bank & Community Garden

Breath of God Lutheran Church

Sewing Circle

Community of St. Dysmas Congregants

Soup Kitchen

DE-MD Synod Racial Justice Team

Caring for God's Creation

Financially Supporting God’s Work

To financially support God’s work in this place, because we are limited in processing offerings received via US Mail, please make your offering using the “Give” option on the website or app (Apple / Google). To download our free app at your respective app store, search “First Lutheran – Ellicott City.”

Give Now

Thank you for your interest in joining us to serve our fellow disciples, neighbors, and community!