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LEAD Sendoff

In August 2016, six members of First began an unknown LEAD Journey (Living Everyday As Disciples).The LEAD Journey focused on listening to God in scripture, in the congregation community and in the neighborhood as together we discerned how God was calling us to live every  day as disciples of the Risen Jesus. Over these past seven years, we have learned so much about ourselves, our church and its faithful congregants, and our near and wide neighborhood.  Through bible study and reflection and learning seminars focused on adaptive leadership techniques, we learned to listen and experiment.  As a result of our initial three-year journey, we entered into partnerships with two of our neighborhood schools: Veteran’s Elementary and Dunloggin Middle School. Those partnerships continue today.

While originally a three year commitment, we continued through the pandemic to help pivot, adapt and grow.  It has been a great run and after prayerful consideration, we have decided to move our ministries and listening out into the wider congregation. We thank the faith-filled people who did this work and walked this journey: Pastors Mike, Tamika and Gigie, Joanna Casto, George Conklin, Tom Hunt, Tom James, Kim Kearns, Cathy Rice, Malia Schlichting and Jay Zumbrun.  And thank you, members of First, who prayed for and supported us all.