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Key Bridge Aid

Sunday April 21st, we will be joining our siblings in congregations across our synod in collecting a special offering for the benefit of families impacted by the Key Bridge collapse.  There are many ways you can participate:

  1. The most critical need is money.  We’ll be collecting a special offering on Sunday, April 21st, that we’ll then forward to our synod for further distribution. You may make your offering via the offering basket or online via our website ( or our mobile app.
  2. Donations of socks (white, cotton, athletic or tube socks in adult male sizes) can be brought to the church.
  3. Donations of home-baked cookies.  These should be placed in a quart ziplock bag and labeled with the name of the cookie and if nuts are included.  Cookies will be taken to our synod office and then frozen until distributed at a later date.