Living in God’s Story

Sessions Resume Sunday, September 11, 2022

open bible and a mug of coffee

For several years, a group of our fellow disciples have joined together to explore scripture and how it might inform our lives as people Living in God’s Story. We meet in-person and via ZOOM in the Library (located on the first floor of the Education Building) at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings. Using the weekly readings from the Narrative Lectionary (the same lectionary we use for our Wednesday evening worship service held via ZOOM each week) we talk about a particular text and how we can dwell in its message throughout the week. One of the differentiating aspects of the Narrative Lectionary is that the stories are presented in chronological order resulting in an over-arching story of God’s work with God’s people over time. This year, we’ll begin with readings from the Hebrew Bible (until Christmas) and then walk through the Gospel of Matthew until Easter. We’ll wrap up the year with several stories from Acts and Romans before the series comes to a conclusion at Pentecost. Join us as you are able as we move forward together, Living in God’s Story.

For more information, contact either Pastor Mike or Pastor Tamika.

Introducing Children’s Worship Bins

An assortment of items including a clipboard with a children's bulletin, a sheet with the Lord's Prayer printed on it, a ribbon, a rainbow heart-shaped fidget and coloring supplies

In the sanctuary you will find green and blue worship bins for children. These boxes are designed to enhance the worship experience for young children. Within these boxes you will find resources such as a bible and weekly bulletin worksheets. You will also find a copy of the Apostle’s Creed and Lord’s Prayer in large print with OpenDyslexia font to help young readers with dyslexia. (This font is legible for all young children.) There are also other activities such as coloring sheets, crayons, and colored pencils as well as wand ribbons to use during music. You’re invited to take a bin to your pew and return it after worship. The blue bins are for young readers and the green bins are for pre-readers.

There is also a basket that includes extra clipboards and coloring sheets as well as sensory reduction tools for our young friends who find the lights and sounds of worship a little overwhelming. They’re welcome to take what they need, add it to their bin, and use noise canceling headphones or wear sunglasses whenever they would like during the service.