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Help for the Holy Land

In response to the escalating violence in and around Gaza, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton has extended a letter of support to Bishop Sani-Ibrahim Azar of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land. In it she pledges to accompany and support the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and its ministries. Bishop Eaton’s letter also calls us to action:

“I encourage the people of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to unite in prayer for the families of innocent civilians whose lives were lost, as well as pray for healing for all the injured, fearful and traumatized.”

The ELCA has compiled a list of resources to offer a deeper understanding of the context, the humanitarian crises of the current war, and the ELCA’s work for a just peace in Palestine and Israel, as well as statements from some of the ELCA’s Lutheran and global partners in the region. Click here to access that list.

Lutheran Relief Organizations 

Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Relief has a long history of reaching our neighbors in Israel and Gaza. We join you in praying urgently, and we thank you for standing ready to care for innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.  

From sending emergency health care supplies to delivering LWR Mission Quilts, your love has long been reaching our neighbors caught in conflict. With your support, together, we will not abandon these neighbors now. 

The compassion of faithful people like you is needed in the hardest to reach places — places where innocent children, women and men are suffering.  

Your caring gift will deliver critically needed resources like medical care, food, water and essential supplies where they are needed most. 

Give to Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Federation & ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response

The ELCA has long-standing relationships with many partners in the region, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and Augusta Victoria Hospital, which is operated by the Lutheran World Federation.

The most pressing needs that Lutheran Disaster Response and our partners can address are food, water and medical supplies. Support for hospitals will be another priority as the need for medical assistance continues to grow. Additionally, Lutheran Disaster Response is coordinating with the Arab and Middle Eastern Ministries desk to provide interfaith emotional and spiritual care support for communities in the United States.

Give to ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response    Give to Lutheran World Federation